Letting go of perfection & embracing vulnerability in your content

As creatives, we’re always striving for perfection. That perfect combination of words, colours, shapes, routines or chords. But it’s elusive. And actually it’s a complete myth. Diane Keaton owned it when she said; “What is perfection, anyway? It’s the death of creativity.” It’s not just the death of creativity either. It can stop you from […]

Honest Guv’ner; How To Use Honesty In Content

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a product or service that’s promised the earth and, well, we’ve ended up with a 1980s plastic globe with a bit missing from it. Businesses like to elaborate, and it’s certainly not always a bad thing but sometimes your content could benefit from a good dollop of […]

7 Tips for Creating Sizzling Content for Your Business

Every business goes through stages where you feel like you’ve got nothing to give. You’ve run out of ideas, you’re pretty sure no one is interested in your “news”, what are people possibly going to be interested in about what I’ve got to say? For some businesses, it’s easier than others to generate content and […]

Skim Readers Guide to Good Website Content

It’s a trait that we’re all guilty of, in fact I pride myself on my ability to skim read. In my industry it certainly helps me to be able to absorb a lot of information in a very short space of time. But, skim reading means two very important things for anyone thinking about web […]