Shitty to pretty copywriting workshop

New start-up but fresh out of phrases?

Waffling on but not really knowing if you’re doing it right?

Can’t get what’s in your head out on paper?

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Let’s get that copy polished. 

Only 2.2% of companies have useful value propositions

If you can’t find yours in your copy (or you have no idea what it is), then we’re going to help you find it.

And use it.

FOR JUST £75 YOU'LL learn

Tips and tricks to find the real value within your writing.

How to use those tips to convert more people.

How to find the magic in any piece of copy you’re writing (yep, even those dull ones). 

Greater understanding of what your customer wants to hear.

How to tackle any piece of copy with confidence – emails, brochures, social media posts, websites.

Dribble Creative Copywriting Workshop


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