SEO Content Writer in Hampshire


Give your business a boost?


Some agencies don’t have an in-house copywriter. But when you work with me it feels like you do. 

You’ll get an extra team member that takes charge of research, creative processes and lives and breathes your brief.  Oh, and meets your all-important deadlines (there’s nothing worse than the sound of crickets or a big ol’ excuse on deadline day is there?).

So if you’ve got a brand and a brief, but it’s missing a bit of brilliance, then hire me.

What could we create together? Take a look at my work for more inspiration.

Website Content

I work with you to create content for your clients’ websites, landing and sales pages – SEO optimisation, meta data and all. Powerful pain points, cracking calls-to-action and sublime storytelling will give your clients a leading edge.

Tone of Voice

Your client needs a stand-out sound? We’ll thrash out their sound in an intensive tone of voice workshop. Get tone of voice guidelines, sample content and competitor analysis that sets them apart from everyone else. 


A 25,000 word e-guide or whitepaper? I eat them for breakfast (not really). But I love long-form content. I do a whole heap of research and make it sound sublime, so your clients get more deals from their downloads. See a sample.

SEO Content Writer

There’ll be no keyword-spamming here. If you want your client’s content to be seen by search engines, but still make sense, then it’s a smart move to choose me. 


Got a client that needs to be seen as a thought leader? I’m currently working with an international packaging powerhouse, creating blogs that have established them as an industry leader and go-to experts in their field.

Email Marketing Sequences

Create relationships that don’t get deleted. If you’ve got newsletters and email marketing sequences that need words, then let’s get that click-through rate cranked up.

Tone of voice

You don’t have to be innocent drinks to make a splash. But you do need to stand out from every other brand in your industry.  Thrash out your sound in an intensive tone of voice workshop and get guidelines, sample content and competitor analysis that sets you apart from everyone else. 

website Content

So your shiny new website needs words? But, how do you know what to write and how much content should you be writing for it? Also, how do you get it ranking organically on search engines? I’ll answer all those questions for you and write you some sweet sounding content.


If you want people on your website, you need an SEO content writer. Maybe you’ve already tried it yourself…it ‘s hard to write content that makes sense and ranks well, isn’t it? Invest in blogging to set yourself up for a steady flow of traffic to your site and as a thought-leader in your industry.

Sales Docs and emails

What should I say in my sales email or letter? How much is too much? What do I include? What do I leave out? I keep sending things out, but I never get any conversions.
Does this sound like you? Sales emails and letters are tricky little devils, so let me get rid of the muddle in your messaging.

Feature Articles

In-house magazine, piece in the paper or a long-form case study? Feature articles are tough to pull together – organising those interviews, knowing what questions to ask, transcribing (yawn), researching and then getting sign off. I’ll do all those annoying bits  so you just have to enjoy the rewards of the finished piece (more exposure, greater insight etc. etc).

Annual Reports

If your shareholders are snoozing all over your annual report, then let’s wake them up. Just because it’s full of dry detail, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it. Let’s make it happen! And, also, get people to read it.


Jan from sales sending cringeworthy emails again? Wishy-washy web content killing your enquiries? Annual report sending everyone to snoozeville?

Work with me to keep all your content on-point. Clear, focussed and sweet sounding copywriting can keep your business at the top of search engine rankings, increase the number of people enquiring and help to retain the customers you already have. 

If you’re in the market for great customer relationships and some souped-up conversion and retention rates then send me an email. 

Startups & Solopreneurs

If you’re just starting out then you can start creating high-converting content in just FOUR weeks with ZERO budget. 

Get a month’s worth of writing tips and activities straight into your inbox for FREE.

No hard sell. No complicated concepts. Just down-to-earth, actionable stuff that you can do every week to start crushing your content and copy.

Bang on-brand content doesn’t always need big budgets. 

I don’t do anything shady with your data. You can read my (boring, but necessary) GDPR policy here.

Shitty to Pretty Copy Workshop - £75pp

No budget to hire me but you want to pick up some quick tips to stop people snoozing all over your words?  

In two hours you’ll get:

  • Tips and tricks to find the real value within your writing.
  • Confident in using those tips to convert more people.
  • Skills to find the angle in any piece of copy you’re writing (yep, even those dull ones).
  • Greater understanding of what your customer wants to hear, so you’ll know what to write.
  • Advice on how to tackle any piece of copy with confidence – emails, brochures, social media posts, websites.
All online so you can come along in your pjs if you want. 

Tone of voice workshop - £2,000

Want a stand-out sound that makes people sit up and take notice of your brand? 

This half day workshop* gives you:

  • Different tone of voice examples to compare.
  • The chance to play with words and themes, see how they sound and if they’re a good fit for your business.
  • A look at competitors in your marketplace to see how you can stand out.
  • A tone of voice that connects with your customers and sounds like you.

Tone of voice guidelines will then shape every piece of content you create, give you real life examples of how to implement it and tips on how to keep it consistent.

*The Tone of Voice workshop takes place at your office, co-working space or wherever you feel comfortable (kitchen tables are accepted). You’ll spend half a day with me, I’ll spend another three weeks on it…the magic doesn’t happen overnight, ok?


There’s nothing like doing stuff in real life to learn fast is there?

I run two workshops that help you to nurture connections with your audience through your writing. 

So if you want to…

✓ Get better at writing content

✓ Nurture better leads

✓ Sound different to your competitors

✓ Be remembered for high-value content

Then, book ’em up.

Copywriting Bundles

Get yourself seen on search engines with top-notch content and research that you can start rolling out ASAP.

When you buy a bundle of copywriting stuff for a set price you also get rid of the anxiety of wondering how much it’s gonna cost you. No awkward phone calls. No stomach-dropping quotes. No “How do I say no nicely?” thoughts. 

What’s also great about these bundles is that they provide you with plenty of content and research that you can re-purpose across other platforms. Those three blog posts? You could create an entire e-guide, and a bazillion social posts from them. Your SEO research? That could help you plan a year’s worth of blog content.

When you look at it that way, it’s a savvy investment. 

Good things come in small bundles…I’m sure that’s the saying…