Creating content and copy for any campaign is a crucial element to its success. The reason so many campaigns or projects fail is the lack of investment made into its writing. This is such a hard-sell to many, but for anyone serious about creating content that packs a punch it is one of the most important elements (I know, it’s even up there with design – who’d have thought?!)

So if you’re ready, sit back and join me as we play a game of Good Cop(y) Bad Cop(y) to truly demonstrate the impact of good, quality, copywriting and the impact of some not so good…

 Good Cop – Dollar Shave Club

This video is truly a king of content. The video concept is very simple, but it is the words that truly make the video special. It uses humour, sarcasm, self-promotion and unashamedly tells the world that the Dollar Shave Club is great. But it has the perfect balance of self-promotion and self-deprecation. I don’t know how great their blades are, but their videos are fantastic.

Bad Cop – Loughborough Students Union

Now if the video isn’t bad enough, it makes it worse that this video was made after Loughborough Students Union had invested in a re-brand which you can bet your bottom dollar included direction on their content strategy…I’m guessing this wasn’t on it. The content is unimaginative (not to mention out of tune…), they’ve tried to tell you absolutely everything about themselves in just three (painful) minutes and more importantly it doesn’t really make you want to go there.

Good Cop – Back to Netball

England Netball hit upon a great concept and combined it with some great marketing. The content is drool-worthy for most women who find sport just a bit dull, and faced up to the fact that most women like to chat, have tea and cake and have fun with their friends. Stereotypical, yes, but it worked. Back to Netball had women coming back to the sport in droves, and saw one of the highest increases in participation following the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

Back to Netball


Bad Cop – Susan Boyle’s Album Launch

I’m on the fence with this one as to whether it was in fact the work of a marketing genius, or an epic mistake. But back in 2012 at the launch of her new album, Standing Ovation, Susan Boyle’s PR team decided to tweet the news and include the rather, well, odd hashtag #susanalbumparty – it went viral, so really no harm done and I’m sure Susan had a great time at her party…but perhaps they should have called in a copywriter.

Susan Boyle


Good Cop – Moms Demand Action

If you live in the UK, you’ve probably never heard of this charity, but you will always remember their content. The advert below is to promote the charity’s objective to introduce common sense gun laws in the US. The image would mean nothing to us, if it wasn’t for the words. This advert is the perfect demonstration of how powerful copywriting can be.


 Bad Cop? Pancreatic Cancer UK

This campaign has caused controversy lately, with the powerful imagery BUT what caused the stir was the words. Not thought up by a marketing company, but an honest sound-bite from the sufferer, Kerry. If you had doubts about the power that words have in marketing, hopefully now you have seen the difference that they make to otherwise ordinary imagery or design. What are your thoughts on this campaign and the powerful words? Was it a good or a bad move? Share your thoughts with us.