So, you need a copywriter huh?

Given it a go and thought “F***, this is hard!”?

Well then, I’m glad you’re here. 

You know what you want to say, you just don’t know how to say it. 

I work with frustrated businesses and agencies like yours to move you beyond feeling stuck and write words that align you with your ideal customers, win you legions of loyal fans, and take the weight off your shoulders.

Because writing is hard. So get me to do the dirty work for you.

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why choose me as your copywriter?

you get all of this

A burst of inspiration

You know that annoying person that looks over your shoulder when you’re stuck on a crossword and goes “Oh, it’s Kathmandu”? Well, that’s me, but less annoying. I’ll help you take a different perspective and get out of the rut of creating content the same way you’ve always done it.

integrity & trust

When you hand over your content and copywriting to me, you’re trusting me to create quality writing that keeps your brand moving forward. The advice I give you and the research I undertake is always recent, relevant and best practice (see Quality for more on this).

All hands on deck

I’m in this with you. Send me those huge files with all your data in it. 100 page annual report? Hand it over. I’ll take all of your knowledge and information, add a dollop of research and a sprinkling of skill and, voila, you’ll be amazed at the difference. 

Deliver on Deadlines

Part of my commitment to you is doing what I say I’m gonna do, when I said I’d do it. Is it rocket science? No. Is it sexy? Also no. But you’ll sleep like a baby knowing you have a reliable, consistent content partner that you can depend on to deliver. 


Being a former journalist means my research (some might say nosiness…) and writing skills are top notch. Perfect for digging deep and understanding your audience. You can kick back and relax, knowing I’m doing the leg work.


I’m a trained journalist, with local and national publication experience. I’m always on the upskill – having completed two copywriting masterclasses, an email marketing and SEO content writing course.

love at first write

my jam

My first love is long-form content. You know, blogs, e-guides, whitepapers, website content, sales letters and email sequences. 

I’ve busted out some brilliant long-form copywriting and content for big brands like B&Q, IBM, S&P Global and RM Results 


I’ve also teamed up with agencies and businesses to run tone of voice workshops as part of re-brands, new brands, and created conceptual copy for pitches and presentations. 

You can explore all of my copywriting services to get the full flavour of what we can do together. 

I’m a copywriter in Hampshire, UK, but I’m open to a long-distance relationship. Call me.

get to know me

and my many hats

debi greenwood

Director, Copywriter, Tea Maker, Admin, Finance, HR, Social Media's a LOT.